- About the Project

Most cities in America, filmmakers, photographers, etc., cannot film on city or county owned property without a general liability insurance policy, a.k.a., production insurance. Indeed, owners of private property also sometimes require a Certificate of Insurance. At Film St. Pete-Clearwater (Pinellas County, Florida's Film Commission), we received dozens of questions about productions insurance, mostly why it's needed, so I suggested that we produce a video explaining why it's important and how easy it is to get.

This video explains in laymen terms what production insurance is used for, why it's necessary, and how to obtain it. Although specific to Pinellas County, Florida, this video has been copied by other municipalities within the state of Florida due to its simplicity and the fun way it explains what's otherwise a boring subject. We filmed the project at Two Stories Media on a Sony A7iii, and edited the project in Adobe Premiere Pro.

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- What's Next? -

A 3D modeling project, featuring a 1950's Philco clock radio, with the state-of-the-art Telechron timer technology.

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