- About the Project

As a graphic artist and an award-winning filmmaker, many independent filmmakers in my area, especially considering my involvement with the Sunscreen Film Festival, have commissioned me to design key art posters for their short and feature length films. Additionally, if I'm involved in the film as a producer or other roles, oftentimes I will volunteer to design the one sheets for the marketing phase of the filmmaking processes.

Below are some of my favorite designs, all but one I had some kind of hand in whether as a co-producer or as editor. Nevertheless, these designs feature elements of some of my favorite poster designs from artists like Kyle Lambert (Stranger Things) and Steven Chorney (Lassiter, Indiana Jones And the Last Crusade), albeit not to their individual levels, but inspired by nonetheless.

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- What's Next? -

A fun and stylized video bumper, introducing the Film St. Pete-Clearwater (FilmSPC) brand.

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