- About the Project

2020 was a transitional period, marking the beginning of a new decade. For Sunscreen, we certainly witnessed a shift in the ways films are made, the stories and how the social, political, and economic distinctions between Americans and audiences throughout the world were being portrayed and serviced by the entertainment conglomerates.

For this design, I wanted to fracture a symbol for filmmaking – the camera – in strips, shifting from left-to-right, aligning to fit certain eco- and socio-political ideologies while pandering to others. Historically, pop-culture has always been a splintered phenomenon and 2020 wasn’t any different.

The importance of the camera seen in the poster key art design, a device that is used to capture moving images, to record, illustrated in black and white and shades of grey, forces the eye to focus the image. Additionally, the placement of typography in a eye-chart fashion too delivers the eye throughout the image.

color palette

- What's Next? -

Film St. Pete-Clearwater Promo video produced for the 2021 Location Mangers Guild (LMGI) Tradeshow, promoting specific and popular filming spots in Pinellas County, Florida.

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