- About the Project

In 2018, Sunscreen's Executive Director, a local arts altruist and collector, asked me to rejoin Sunscreen as Creative Director to rescue what had become a failing brand and to elevate the Sunscreen Film Festival back to match or beat previous year's attendance. My task began with re-engaging and refreshing the Sunscreen brand. Second was to buttress the brand with well-designed marketing assets to boost the festival's look to a new category of benefactors.

The result of re-establishing the Sunscreen brand with an extensive design of marketing collateral, including posters, apparel, table cards, stickers, and a perfect bound program guide, was a major jump in brand recognition and ticket sales. But aside from a local refamiliarization of the brand, the amount of film submissions nationally and internationally broke festival records, resulting in record earnings.

The 2019 Sunscreen Film Festival set the bar for not only future film festivals, but for the surrounding film festivals that compete for films and filmmakers to elevate their festival. With the brand refreshed and re-aligned, Sunscreen's future looks bright!

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- What's Next? -

Film Commish Who? A long-form public service announcement (PSA) video on the importance of calling the police before filming using prop guns and depiction of violence.

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