- About the Project

In 2018, Creative Pinellas, a non-profit arts agency, engaged my services to design an event logo and marketing assets for their Emerging Artist Exhibition. Previous creative assets, according to the organization's Executive Director, did not quite match the level of the fine and multimedia arts created by the Emerging Artists Grant selectees, i.e., artists. So, after an exhaustive search, Creative Pinellas selected me to elevate their marketing to a higher standard.

The principal task was to create an event logo, to be used to brand the exhibition. Second to the brand, I designed a postcard, which Creative Pinellas utilized as an invitation, and lastly, a large broadsheet program guide, showcasing the exhibition and the artists being considered for the Emerging Artist Grant. The broadsheet's design, aside from educating visitors and stakeholders about the grant, artists, and the exhibition, was to also serve as a collectible keepsake for the artists.

To my delight, the creative assets produced were well received by the Executive Director and Creative Pinellas staff, benefactors, attendees, and more importantly, the artists the exhibition celebrated. Unfortunately, due to budget restraints, the planned 2019 Arts Exhibition never came to fruition, so only the 2018 creative assets exist.

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- What's Next? -

Advertising and marketing design, multimedia for the 2013 Florida State Fair: Florida 500 Years in the Making

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