- About the Project

From 2006 to present, as Creative Director, I've had the privilege of designing the annual key art and creative assets for the internationally recognized film festival located in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida. The design for the 18th annual 2023 Sunscreen Festival had to be colorful, breaking from the last 3 years, which adhered strictly to the brand's signature colors: Sunscreen Orange, black, white, and 50-percent gray. 2023 deserved a pop of color!

At Sunscreen, diversity in many forms is extremely important to us, so what better way than through a color palette that represents each and every one: black, brown, yellow, red, and white! Similarly, the vintage Camera Head, reaches way back to yesterday, dusting off old ideas and ideologies, unafraid of communicating and seeing and understandings everyone's point of view. The eye in the camera lens means, "we see you" and we get you. Sunscreen loves you for who and what you are. We're turning things up onto their heads!

Ripping through the lower-half of the design in a playful use of typography, communicates that the festival is in its 18th year, a special time in a film festival, similar to humans, in which childish things are left behind and important things like growth and maturity come to the forefront.

color palette

- What's Next? -

St. Pete-Clearwater: A Scenic Journey... A coffee table book designed to promote the 24 cities within Pinellas County, Florida as a destination for film and TV producers.

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