- About the Project

Hayden’s gate attempts to tell the tale of a legendary and sacred resting place at the foot of a mythical forest, a respite for weary travelers and warriors, wishing to fulfill their rites of passage, paying homage to the father and mother warriors of yesterday.

Produced entirely within Epic Game’s Unreal Engine v4.27, this project utilized marketplace assets and Quixel’s Megascans, and a few custom-made 3D models and materials from Blender and Adobe Photoshop and was the thesis-level final project, learning the Unreal Engine for game level design.

My goal for this project was to not only demonstrate my knowledge of the game engine’s interface and functions, but also Cinematics and the Sequencer for outputting dramatic videos directly from the engine. Additionally, I color corrected and edited the final project in Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve Studio. Vocals by Orchestralis. Music by Allen Grey.

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- What's Next? -

Marketing and promotional designs, print and digital, for the 2023 Sunscreen Film Festival.

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