- About the Project

A paradigm shift in filmmaking, akin to the days when sound and color changed moviemaking forever, the adaptation of LED lights and video walls made popular by Lucas Film's The Mandalorian series is what inspired this project, a virtual environment for the Unreal Engine. Modeled and meticulously UV unwrapped for textures within Blender, all 3D objects were later imported into the Unreal Engine just before the release of version 5.0.

While in the Unreal Engine, high-resolution photo based render (PBR) materials courtesy of Quixel Megascans brought the entire project to another level. With the Unreal Engine's global illumination, real world HDRI light settings, a and realistic reflections, this true virtual environment meant for projection on an LED video wall came to life.

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- What's Next? -

A frightening yet fun 3D model of Boris the Shark... You're gonna need a bigger... browser!

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