- About the Project

During Covid, like most folks, I decided to learn a new 3D software program I'd read about in trade magazines and websites called Blender. Although the burgeoning 3D program had been around for quite some time, with an expired Maya education license, what perfect time than during a worldwide pandemic to learn something new!

Probably one of the best resources for learning Blender, CGCookie.com offers dozens of courses through their website, and this Pirate's treasure chest was one of them. Kent Trammel, the instructor, guided me - and others - through the process of modeling a low-poly treasure chest, from modeling to texturing and even how to make it look a bit exaggerated like a game or movie asset. What you see here is the result of Trammel's awesome instruction, which was recognized by CGCookie.com as a Staff Pick in October 2020.

Created using Blender and Adobe Photoshop. Interact with the model using the 3D widget. Click here if you do not see the 3D widget provided by SketchFab.


- What's Next? -

Marketing and promotional creative assets designed for the 2021 Sunscreen Film Festival.

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