- About the Project

Inspired by the space-age designs of the late-1950's and 1960 era radios, which included some fantastic colors like aqua, vermillion, red, and butternut, this 3D model of a 1950's Philco brand clock radio in hot pink, powered by Telechron; the clock’s timer mechanism, is just one of a planned series of 3D models illustrating mid-century radios.

Although a rather simplistic design, this 3D model presented a few challenges, like the waffled front speaker cover, large cone-shaped dials with fine finger grooves, the clear, front plastic face, and the use of polish and dull copper dial covers, which I demonstrated using high-resolution physically based rendering (PBR) textures.

Created using Autodesk Maya 2023 and Adobe Photoshop. Interact with the model using the 3D widget. Click here if you do not see the 3D widget provided by SketchFab.


- What's Next? -

Marketing and promotional creative assets designed for the 2019 Sunscreen Film Festival.

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