Hi! I'm Declan Flynn,
a burgeoning 3D artist and veteran creative professional.

Because it's awesome! I absolutely love 3D modeling. I love the problem-solving and creating worlds from scratch! My first exposure to 3D came by way of Bryce3D in the early-1990s, and later in college, using Newtek's LightWave; the software I used to produce my first animation short-film "Top-Toy".

I lose myself in 3D modeling; it's just me and the model. It's amazing! There's just something about it, creating objects, environments, anything really. While in the 3D viewport, you have complete creative control. You can create locations, props, actors, wardrobe, lights, camera, and action completely alone or with a team. It's as close to having Godlike powers that I'll ever have!

My goal is to create environments, vehicles, and props geared toward film and television production, especially now that virtual production and virtual reality is ever more prevalent, and as a storyteller, the gaming industry has peaked my interest.

Ultimately, I hope to use my experience as a filmmaker as a foundation. To achieve my goal, I’ve revisited Maya 2023 while venturing into new realms like learning Substance Painter and ZBrush and deepening my understanding of the Unreal Engine and environmental design.

Currently, I’m a Creative Producer for Film St. Pete-Clearwater (Film SPC) a department of the St. Petersburg-Clearwater Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (Pinellas County government). I produce creative and video content to promote the twenty-four municipalities in Pinellas County, Florida to the film and television industry both within Florida, the US, and internationally.

Daily, I use industry-leading software, such as Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition), Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve Studio, and on occasion, 3D programs like Autodesk Maya and Blender. I also help filmmakers and photographers with locations and support services and liaise with local authorities for film permitting.

At home, I’m a husband of 34-years and a father of two, a keen Star Wars fan, an enthusiast of old Westerns, and a budding musician (drums). Originally from the northeast, I moved to Florida in the early 1980’s, attended art school in Atlanta, Georgia, and I’m an award-winning filmmaker.

In the mid-2000’s, I received a degree in Strategic Security and Intelligence Management, specializing in counter-terrorism and -intelligence. No kidding! That experience was exceptionally rewarding. It’s fun to have spent time with both movie stars and spies. Though, today, 3D modeling is my passion, so when not working or spending time with family and friends, you’ll find me moving points around in 3D space – with immense joy!

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A Work in Progress

Currently, I'm working on a character design, a monster of sorts, originally created and inspired by the famed 3D artist, Madeleine Scott-Spencer via Gnomon Workshop. The process of creating the final model will finally reveal the secrets that veil the mystery behind Pixologic's ZBrush.

The 51-hour lesson tackles digital sculpting, using DynaMesh, 3D alphas, custom brushes, Vector Displacements, and more. The finale will also include the use of lighting and rendering using LightCaps and HDR via ZBrush KeyShot Bridge.

My last Work in Progress project, the 1990's Harley Davidson Fat Boy may be seen above in my portfolio.

Maya Substance Painter Unreal Engine DaVinci Resolve


My formal education...

My first degree, an Associate in Arts (AA), derives from St. Petersburg College (Clearwater Campus). There I studied fine arts, art history, and architecture. I graduated from St. Petersburg College, magna cum laude in 2003.

My second degree, a bachelor’s in science (BS) derives from Henley-Putnam University (San Jose, California). There I studied Strategic Security with an emphasis on counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence. I graduated from Henley-Putnam University summa cum laude in 2016 and have the distinction of being the university’s first student representative for the Department of Intelligence.

Lastly, I did train at the prestigious Atlanta College of Art (later renamed Atlanta School of Art and Design).

Mostly, I am self-taught in various disciplines...

Although art school taught me the foundations I use every day in my career as a professional and freelance artist, the majority of the software and technology that I use I taught to myself. When I attended art school, multimedia programs were in their infancy, e.g., in 1994, when I learned Adobe Photoshop, it was only at version 2.0.

A consequence of being self-taught is the discipline one develops and the patience while applying a new skillset. The level of training also deepens because inevitably, you may require passing along tidbits of knowledge and skill to your co-workers and clients.

I was once a professional 3D artist.

In the early 2000s, I worked for a manufacturing company. They hired me after seeing my first animated short-film, Top-Toy. They required 3D models produced of their entire product line for use in training and sales materials. It was there I learned hard-surface modeling and working with the engineering team to create 3D models for use in industrial CNC machine processing.

Video editing is also a skill I learned while on the job, which eventually led to winning an award for Best Editor for the feature-length documentary film, Running with Demons. Three-point lighting, producing, and directing are also examples of crafts I learned while on the job, which I plan to introduce to my studies and work as a 3D artist.

You can never stop learning.

Staying competitive is an ongoing process. I believe it's important to learn new skills, especially considering the lightning pace of software updates and the constant paradigm shifts in technology. I find it crucial to stay connected and keep up-to-date with the latest advancements and trends, keep my software subscriptions current while learning new software programs, e.g., Autodesk Maya 2023, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Studio, ZBrush, and Adobe Substance Painter.

Advancements in 3D and its impact on the filmmaking process, e.g., Epic Games’ Unreal Engine via virtual production, I’ve spent the last year studying the art and science of LED technology and the methods of creating 3D environments using the Unreal Engine, Quixel assets, Kit bashing, etc., furthering my unique skillset.

It's all about geometry from here.

Change is afoot! Now in my career, I’m all about 3D and learning how to become a better 3D artist, staying connected and timely on the rapid pace changes to the industry, and expanding my knowledge and understanding of how to create 3D for other market sectors like architecture, engineering, and the gaming industry.

Moving from Blender to Maya, for example, and integrating the use of Adobe Substance 3D Painter, Designer, ZBrush, DaVinci Resolve Studio, and Reallusion iClone and Character Creator as well as the latest advancements to the Unreal Engine, are my ways of learning and working within industry-leading and standard processes to stay viable and competitive.

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